Sex Toys for Women: What are Indians buying?

sex toys

The attractiveness of the both women and men sex toys has enhanced from the last decade. Research reveals that the myths about vibrators and numerous other types of sex toys meant to boost solo or partnered pleasure are fast waning. It is due to reason a large number of people are using very much intimate kind of novel technology to get pleasure.  

sex toys

It is not any secret now that a suitable sex toy is the best bedroom friend of a girl. However, in case you happen to be a woman landing on the pages of different websites to search novel self –pleasure gadgets, the range of options will make your head spin. For that reason below are enlisted the best of the sex toys and vibrators to give varied feelings like kinky sensation, light tickling or deep vibrations. 

The better sex toys meant for women

Double play- hello touch

It is an efficient sex toy as it offers the woman two ways to sort of play. It can work as an electro-stimulator, or you can put it on your fingers to act as finger vibrator. It makes an ideal choice for people who need kinky-sensation.

Magic wand from Hitachi

The magic wand has been in use since 1968. Originally intended to be a standard tool for massage it with ease gained a reputation for being the most recommended vibrator. It is bulky, loud, burdensome, big, but an enormously strong and effective one. The majority of the woman who uses it will state that it gives tremendous direct stimulation because it is very powerful. It is best for people who like strong vibration. Women usually achieve orgasm every time they use it.

Sleek – vibe

It is an appealing small vibrator that can be carried in any place. It is slim, calm, and offers both external and internal stimulation. You can utilise it solo or with your partner. In case it is utilised with your mate, it will give stimulation just on insertion. 

The rabbit

You may have come to know about the rabbit from media, and it has become a preferred one for that reason. It is provided with rabbit ears that brush against her clitoris to make her feel extra aroused. You can take it with ease.


Essentially, the massager was not made to be a sex toy. But after that, it was employed as the sex toy to cause stimulation of the external erogenous areas. It is an electronic gadget that can be utilised to alleviate your stress and body pain together with causing stimulation. It comes in non-chargeable and chargeable models. Women use their befitting massager for the entire female body and also relaxation.  

Strap on

Strap on partners’ sex toys implies that both women and men can use it. It is provided with tethering belt that is fastened to a normal dildo. Being adjustable, it can be adjusted as per your waistline. By making use of a strap-on, a woman gets the power to enter men. Also, men are capable of taking pleasure in their anal penetration.

There are various websites to buy sex toys in India like and Thatpersonal. Even women can buy sex toys.